There is no avoiding rejection. Arianna Huffington on surviving a low point.

Arianna Huffington was cool enough to blurb by book. Thank you Arianna! This memory of painful rejection mirrors so  many of the women I profiled. Rejection is daily. Constant. But these women superheroes don’t hear no as an edict. Just a word. And a challenge to keep going.

Our social media feeds are often a non-stop highlight reel of our successes. This week, I wanted to share a different kind of #tbt, one about rejection. One of the low points in my life was when my second book was rejected by 37 publishers. By rejection 25, you would have thought I might have said, “hey, you know, there’s something wrong here. Maybe I should be looking at a different career.” Instead, I remember running out of money and walking, depressed, down St James Street in London and seeing a Barclays Bank. I walked in and, armed with nothing but a lot of chutzpah, I asked to speak to the manager and asked him for a loan. Even though I didn’t have any assets, the banker – whose name was Ian Bell — gave me a loan. It changed my life, because it meant I could keep things together for another 13 rejections. And then I got an acceptance. In fairytales there are helpful animals that come out of nowhere to help the hero or heroine find a way out of the dark forest. Well, in life too, there are helpful animals disguised as human beings — bank managers like Ian Bell, to whom I still send a holiday card every year. This photo was taken when I was living in London around that time.

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